I am a scientist by training. We’re taught to look for evidence to back up our assumptions, to arrive at conclusions only after careful investigation and to challenge what we see to verify its truth and accuracy. My scientific training has been invaluable. It’s taught me to think very deeply and broadly, and to keep an open mind…because you just never know where an experiment will lead you.

Over the last decade, I’ve been applying my scientific mind to support the work I do with clients, but the new direction I’ve taken in bringing Passionality to life is the work of my heart. Passionality is the answer to questions that my scientific mind alone could not deliver. These were the kinds of questions that I heard asked repeatedly (often behind closed doors, or whispered in the wee hours of the morning). They were questions that could make all the difference in the quality of the lives we were leading:

  • How can I find my passion and make it part of my daily life?
  • Does my life have meaning and purpose beyond making a living and keeping a roof over my head?
  • What am I here to do that is my unique contribution to the world?
  • And, how can I bring more happiness into my life?

These are questions that can only be answered by knowing yourself well and having a language to describe who you are to others. They are questions that will challenge you to examine the person you are now and, most importantly, the one you really want to be. Answering these questions is a journey of the heart.

Your passionality is the sacred space inside of you where your personality meets your passions and your purpose. It comprises the whole range of qualities that make you the wonderful, thinking, thriving person that you are capable of being and is a place that invites you to celebrate who you are and why that matters. We all have a passionality and we all have something to offer, because each of us is significant. That includes you. There are no ordinary people… and this is no ordinary journey.

With each episode and through this blog, I look forward to sharing stories of individuals who are discovering their passionality. Their stories will make us smile. Their stories will make us cry. But, each story will contain seeds of wisdom, a breath of inspiration and the joy of a life being well lived.

Welcome to the Journey. Welcome to Passionality

Welcome Home.

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