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Author and leadership expert with broad experience in connecting the activities and behaviors of an organization's employees with the strategic objectives and core purpose of the business, ultimately leading to successful financial and organizational results. Experienced in business strategy and talent management; leadership development and training; program design; and performance management. Global professional experience in the US, Asia and Europe. Prior experience as Executive Director, Human Resources for Merck & Co., Inc. Specialties:Passion Profiling; Leadership development; Team building; cultural change management;individual and strategic position Passion Profile identification and measurement; business strategy and execution; vision/mission/values creation; cultural assessment;

How to Find a Job that Makes You Happy

Do you want to find a job, or do you yearn for the one you already have to be more fulfilling?  You'll spend more than 85,000 hours of your life at work, so we think it should be a meaningful experience. The first step to career happiness is understanding yourself and what you need from a work experience. [...]

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Ever Wonder Why Following Your Passions is So Important?

We conducted some recent research to discover just how important passion and purpose is to living a happy life, especially the part of our lives that we spend at work. The results say a lot about how following our passions makes a positive difference in our own lives and in the world around us. Over 3500 people told [...]

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Understanding Passions Can Make Love Last

  There used to be a dreaded moment every year, when I’d tear off the page of my inspirational desk calendar to reveal the month of February. Don’t get me wrong, February can be an awesome time of the year. After all, it’s when we celebrate Black History Month and when we honor two of the founding fathers of our nation on President’s Day. While that’s kind of a big deal, for years I struggled with a particular date in the middle of the month, when everyone else around me seemed excited about Valentine’s Day. They were buying gifts, exchanging sappy Hallmark cards, and preparing for an evening with that special someone —complete with dinner, flowers and chocolates — all supposedly leading to a phenomenal night of hot romance. […]

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You’re Fired! What “The Apprentice” Never Taught You About Losing Your Job

While making a mad dash to board an airport train last week, I ran into Stephen —literally ran into him — as we both jockeyed to squeeze ourselves in among the other harried travelers. We had not seen each other since our days as middle managers when we both worked for the same large multinational firm. Stephen was incredibly fun back in those days, as well as ambitious, hard working and among the most brilliant men I knew. Anyone who worked with him for more than 30 minutes could tell that they were in the presence of genius and that Stephen was going straight to the top. His coworkers would joke that they’d all be reporting to him one day. I couldn’t get over how great Stephen looked. He had that same glow about him, that same mischievous gleam in his eyes that told you he had a lot going on in that impressive brain of his. After exchanging a warm embrace and inquiring about the lives of each other’s families, I asked Stephen how things were going at the company, where he was now a vice president. They’d had some recent product recalls and sales quota challenges that I heard he’d been wrestling with and I wondered if the dust was finally settling. As the train doors opened to our terminal, Stephen told me, “I’ve been fired.” “What????” I asked, as I stared at him widemouthed, the disbelief undoubtedly etched on my face. He repeated, “I’ve been fired.” […]

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4 Questions Every Leader Should be Able to Answer

There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of that moment when you’re first awarded an important leadership role. Having “finally arrived” you imagine yourself as the rock star taking center stage at a roaring stadium of adoring fans. You can almost hear the ear shattering cheers of the crowd as they clamor to get [...]

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4 Smart Ways to Connect to Your Passions

When that alarm goes off on Monday morning, are you excited to start your week, or are you dreading it? Chances are good that you can build more passion into your life and work by introducing four new techniques into your daily routine.   Start with Intent It’s one thing to say that you’re passionate; [...]

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8 Tips for Building Resilience

There is a new field of psychology, called "positive psychology" that specifically studies the strengths and characteristics that allow individuals and communities to thrive. So of course, positive psychologists have studied the concept of resilience and have discovered significantly valuable information. The most important discovery is that we can learn to build resilience; we are [...]

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Catching Curve Balls – Building Resilience

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Reclaiming Your Identity: Life After Military Service

Veterans seek to transition from military life to a civilian career, but grapple with the challenges of identity loss, homelessness, and post-traumatic stress. Learn about the national crisis our veterans and their families are facing and how courageous individuals and organizations are stepping up to help.

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Resilience and Reinvention

Today’s first guest has been through the mill and back–from cancer, to divorce, to job loss, this person has seen it all. Her journey will surprise and inspire you. And, two empty nest moms decide to reinvent themselves and try something neither has ever done before. Join us to learn more about how to survive [...]

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