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Author and leadership expert with broad experience in connecting the activities and behaviors of an organization's employees with the strategic objectives and core purpose of the business, ultimately leading to successful financial and organizational results. Experienced in business strategy and talent management; leadership development and training; program design; and performance management. Global professional experience in the US, Asia and Europe. Prior experience as Executive Director, Human Resources for Merck & Co., Inc. Specialties:Passion Profiling; Leadership development; Team building; cultural change management;individual and strategic position Passion Profile identification and measurement; business strategy and execution; vision/mission/values creation; cultural assessment;

Work With Passion!

Hate your job or tired of being in one that just pays the bills, but doesn’t fuel your spirit? So was our guest on today’s episode. Paula made a definitive choice to seek a new job that is best aligned with her passions…and she’s not going to settle for less. Shocking new research reveals the [...]

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A Journey of the Heart

I am a scientist by training. We’re taught to look for evidence to back up our assumptions, to arrive at conclusions only after careful investigation and to challenge what we see to verify its truth and accuracy. My scientific training has been invaluable. It’s taught me to think very deeply and broadly, and to keep [...]

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