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Reclaiming Your Identity: Life After Military Service

Veterans seek to transition from military life to a civilian career, but grapple with the challenges of identity loss, homelessness, and post-traumatic stress. Learn about the national crisis our veterans and their families are facing and how courageous individuals and organizations are stepping up to help.

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Resilience and Reinvention

Today’s first guest has been through the mill and back–from cancer, to divorce, to job loss, this person has seen it all. Her journey will surprise and inspire you. And, two empty nest moms decide to reinvent themselves and try something neither has ever done before. Join us to learn more about how to survive [...]

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Work With Passion!

Hate your job or tired of being in one that just pays the bills, but doesn’t fuel your spirit? So was our guest on today’s episode. Paula made a definitive choice to seek a new job that is best aligned with her passions…and she’s not going to settle for less. Shocking new research reveals the [...]

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