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    I am struck by how often life throws us curve balls and we are challenged to hit them, catch them or get smacked in the head by them. Despite our best laid plans for the direction we intend to take, it sometimes feels like the universe has other ideas about how we will achieve our purpose and utilize our passions. I never thought I’d be doing the important work I’m doing now when I was a medical student years ago, but the deaths of my mother and sister during my first year of med school changed everything for me. When I look back at the trajectory of my life, it all makes sense now.
    What curveballs has life thrown you and how have you used them to reinvent yourself? Please share your story and help inspire someone else to make the most of what life throws at them.

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    Regarding your show: episode 2 part 1, I have a few thoughts to share.
    This latest episode of “Passionality”, shows that ordinary people can
    do extraordinary things with their lives when they engage with their passions. Wonderful show! There is, however, in the Velma video segments another element that was not mentioned which I believe brought her the success she is experiencing now. Velma didn’t just have “resilience” that got her through to this point. She also possesses a healthy amount of “perseverance”.

    You can be resilient in order to weather and survive a storm. But you need perseverance that provides a person with the steadfastness to stick to a task, “to carry on,” no matter the obstacles, in order to achieve or accomplish the goal. One might say, “I’m resilient, I survived.” But, without “persistence” the person may not make it to the to next step.

    When I was a teacher, among the many things I observed in my students that demonstrated the difference between success or failure was “perseverance”. It doesn’t matter how smart and talented you are, without perseverance, along with resilience, the student usually did not achieve as well as he or she could have.

    Noting this, I therefore, went on a quest to help my students develop a skill set that would help them to persevere and accept delayed gratification, because you can’t always get what you want when you want it. Thus, if you possess perseverance, you will accept delayed gratification and eventually achieve your goal. In addition, realizing that one may have to adjust one’s approach in achieving the goal and mix it in with perseverance. There is one other thing one must know and that is, knowing yourself well enough to be able to reassess your goals, prioritize them, and in doing so, one day,
    this person will attain the goals they desire. By prioritizing and systematically taking
    one step at a time, demonstrates the persistent effort, one must possess to achieve the desired goals, whatever they might be…never giving up, just assessing and readjusting and persistently pursuing.

    Therefore, you can be resilient and this will help you to have the ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. But, without perseverance, one does not have the steadfastness in doing something despite its difficulty or delay in achieving the success
    that the person wants. This is most difficult for young folks in our society
    today because of the need for “instant gratification”. Therefore, in the mind of the young person,the thought is: if it’s so hard and I can’t have it now, then it can’t be achieved. If the person believes it is not attainable then he/she may as well give it up.
    This was the single most difficult thing I, as a teacher and
    parent, had to deal with. Perseverance, creates an achiever and even
    the proverbial over achiever. Therefore, allowing ordinary people the ability to achieve
    and do extraordinary things.
    It was a wonderful episode and will speak to many people. Thank you!

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    hye i’m new user your website.

    jessica patel

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    I am also new here and I wanna get knowledge of Dargah in Kapasan , Kapasan Dargah and Dargah in India and
    Kapasan Baba .
    best regards

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    Hello, i am new here and working with Jat News in india.
    Best Regards

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    Retd. Colonel Ajay Ahlawat like to play Polo very much and he is all India champion in Polo.

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