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    So much about changing our lives for the better and embracing our passions requires that we have the courage to try something different, to reach outside of our comfort zone, and in many cases, to do something we’ve never attempted before.  What would you do differently in your life if there were no risk of failure? What new path would you take if a good outcome were guaranteed?

    Would you be in the same job, in the same romantic relationship or live in the same city? If you got the chance for a re-do in life, what would you change and how would that bring more passion and purpose to your life?

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    If I could do it all over and without consequence, hmmm I think that I would work to help more. Become more of a positive and nurturing force for people. A mentor and there is a term that only until recently has gotten it’s due. When growing up in the 60’s mentoring was never discussed. It become more of a lead by example model and again mentor as defined was never said.
    When we speak of mentoring we tend to speak of the young when I’ve discovered there are far more lost middle aged people and since the economic downfall of 2007. Many of us in my age group and older suddenly were faced with life changing situations and uncertain futures for the first times in their lives or in a very long time. These moments of uncertainty left the once confident and secure in despair and faced challenges that they never thought possibly. These folks had nobody to turn to. many of them lost their parents and were too consumed with providing
    raising children, college tuitions, and keeping rooves over their heads. When the last administration failed, they too failed and then the hopelessness began to fill and to becoming an obsession! They had nowhere to turn to except government entitlement programs to help stave off the worst possible scenarios including losing everything and the very real possibility of being homeless and we saw plenty of it. We saw entire families vacating their homes, their lives and expectations that only a short time before seem like a very real future for government housing, living in out of their cars and worse sleeping under bridges while spending the days walking the streets, panhandling and doing whatever odd job they could, to scrape enough together to buy fast food to feed their families and actually forgo nutrition. Again without any dedicated counseling from a mentor.

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    Thank you for your comments, Shabbus. Mentors are indeed an important force for good. It’s not too late to take on that role for another! Look in your community for youth groups or other organizations that have missions that resonate with you. There are so many young people that need and want guidance and direction. You can make a difference by sharing your time and your wisdom. Go For It!

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