Alaina Love, Creator of Passionality® and President and Co-founder of Purpose Linked Consulting, is a nationally recognized expert in leadership and individual purpose and passion. She is co-author of the bestselling McGraw-Hill book, The Purpose Linked Organization: How Passionate Leaders Inspire Winning Teams and Great Results. Alaina and her husband, business-partner and co-author, Marc Cugnon, have spent the last 18 years focusing their research and programs on employee, leadership, and individual purpose and passion. Their work has shown that personal fulfillment and inspirational leadership are the keys to engagement and outstanding business results, as well as leading a thriving personal life. Alaina is currently working on a new book, entitled, Passionality, which focuses on the art and science of bringing purpose and passion into our daily lives, and offers readers practical tools and techniques for doing so.

With a research team from the University of Michigan, Alaina’s firm developed the Passion Profiler™, a valid and reliable online tool that identifies and measures an individual’s top three passion archetypes, revealing how they are being used in work and personal settings. By helping clients gain knowledge of their passion archetypes, Alaina empowers them to leverage their passions in all aspects of life, which supports their decision making about career choices, personal and professional relationships, team interactions, and educational environment selections that are best suited for them. Today, Purpose Linked Consulting clients include Fortune 500 firms (such as GE and Gannett) government and military organizations (such as NASA, the Department of Defense, the US Army and the EPA) as well as independent companies, hospitals, universities, and private coaching clients.

Prior to founding Purpose Linked Consulting, Alaina enjoyed a successful twelve-year career with Merck & Co., Inc., a multinational pharmaceutical firm. As Executive Director of Human Resources, she was responsible for worldwide HR services for the sales and marketing division of the company, supporting over 15,000 employees around the globe in a division that generated $12.3 billion in annual sales. Earlier in her career, Alaina was a research scientist for Merck in the field of immunology, where she worked to develop products for the treatment of diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. She later worked in clinical research, with responsibility for monitoring international clinical trials for the anti-ulcer treatment known as Pepcid®. Her deep experience working with individuals, leaders and teams that were struggling to be successful, coupled with her background as a scientist, prompted Alaina to leave a lucrative corporate career to pursue dedicated research on the key elements of purpose, passion and thriving.

Alaina is a graduate of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Change Leadership Program. She has completed advanced immunology and human resources studies at Rutgers University, and medical studies at Tufts University School of Medicine. She holds an undergraduate degree in medical technology from Monmouth University and has earned the distinction of ‘Senior Professional in Human Resources’ by the Society of Human Resource Management.

As an active thought leader, Alaina has written columns and blogs for Bloomberg Business Week, Harvard Business Review, Leadership Excellence, Talent Management Perspectives and the Leader to Leader Journal. She has also served as a leadership panelist for The Washington Post, writes a blog for Little Pink Book (formerly PINK magazine), is a guest blogger for SmartBrief on Leadership, and a guest lecturer for the Executive MBA Program at the University of Maryland. Her current goal is to create a Passionality Movement that expands our global conversation about purpose and passion, and provides a platform to celebrate the positive impact that each of us can have when we apply our own unique passions to making a difference.