Celebrating What’s Right About You!

alaina-love-1I believe that celebrating the unique gifts we each bring to our world and to our work helps us attain the success and fulfillment we all seek in order to lead a happy life. For many of us, the search for true meaning in our lives has been an elusive journey, one that can leave us focusing more our weaknesses — our areas of “improvement needed” — rather than focusing on our passions.

What I’ve learned after years of research and experiences of my own is that passion matters! It’s what motivates us to go the extra mile and to seek even better solutions to whatever challenges we are up against. Connecting to our passions allows us to identify that special edge between success and significance — in our lives and in our work. And when we tap into our passions (and the deeper purpose that drives us) we make an important choice. We choose to live in possibility rather than fear, in abundance rather than scarcity, and we choose to greet each new day with a sense of promise and joy. That is my wish for each of you.

My research, and indeed my passions as a  Builder~Transformer~Healer, have led me to create the Passion Profiler, and along with it, the platform for a movement that we call Passionality®. I invite each of you to join our movement, and by doing so, to choose to discover and utilize your passions to make a bigger difference in your life and in the world. Each of you is unique. Each of you has something to offer. Each of you deserves to build a purpose-linked life. Discovering and utilizing your passions is the way to make that dream a reality.

I’m interested in hearing from you, so please join our Discussion forum and weigh in with your own ideas and experiences for building a fulfilling life. Tell us about your passions and how you are using them to make a difference. Tell us about your life and the important moments and people in it that have shaped you as a person and informed your growth. My promise to you is that we will honor your journey by creating a welcoming environment for all to share.

When I’m not hosting Passionality®, doing research, writing books or working with clients, I’m probably a lot like you. I’m busy leading a passionate life, and my most important work is as a wife and mother. But on those rare occasions when I need to be reminded about the true value of unconditional love, I turn to my dogs, Lucy and Orion, who I can proudly say own me, rather than the other way around!