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Do you want to live a passionate, and purposeful life, but don’t know how to get there? The journey to discovering your bliss begins with understanding your passion archetypes, providing you with a powerful sense of self-awareness, which you can use to build a purpose-linked lifestyle.

The Passion Profiler™ is a groundbreaking online survey, created by Alaina Love and a team of researchers at the University of Michigan, that helps you better understand and define your Passionality®.  In just one half-hour online session you will discover what brings you bliss and why, so you can use that knowledge to create a life in which you thrive. Get started today by purchasing a code to access the Passion Profiler. Once completed, you will  receive a report describing your top three passions. If you would like further detail and clarity about your passions, we offer a comprehensive report and Passionality readout session with one of our certified coaches.


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The Passion Archetypes:

It’s time to discover your Passion DNA and how you can apply your passions to thrive!

button-altruistThe Altruist

A true humanitarian, the Altruist seeks to benefit the world at large and support the underserved.

The Builder

With a strong sense of urgency to deliver results, Builders will work tirelessly to get to the goal. They are known for getting things done.

The Connector

With a keen ability and desire to see both sides of an issue, Connectors are born communicators and skilled relationship builders.


The Conceiver

These “intellectual acrobats” think outside the box, imagine new possibilities and contribute to innovation.


The Creator

These are the artisans whose thought patterns are filled with emotion and beauty. Creators seek to develop artistic forms of their ideas that touch and inspire others.


The Discoverer

These explorers combine logic and linear thinking with intuition to seek out the truth and uncover information.


The Healer

 Carrying with them a passion for creating peace where there is turmoil, applying salve to open wounds, and mending broken relationships or broken spirits, Healers help others successfully navigate pain.


The Processor

With a passion for analysis and structure, Processors help create form out of chaos and maintain quality and order.


The Teacher

Passionate about new information and ways of viewing the world, Teachers create the foundation of wisdom by sharing their knowledge and helping others grow and develop.



The Transformer

These passionate alchemists and change agents identify and embrace possibilities for improvement and growth.