Product Description

Do you want to help a friend, family member or colleague understand even more about their passions and how to use them to build a happy life?  Then the The Passion Profiler™ Comprehensive Analysis, along with a Passionality coaching session is just the thing to give them! They’ll receive a customized and expanded 18-page analysis of their Passion Profiler results, including:

  • Their scoring for all ten Passion Archetypes and a comparison of their scores to The Passion Profiler™ norm group, all graphically represented
  • Extensive information about their top three passions, plus a complete list of strengths and vulnerabilities associated with their passions
  • A graph that identifies the “passions styles” that they are using at work, which helps them to identify and correct misalignments between their passions and their job responsibilities
  • A special score that reveals their true connection to their work organization, which is a crucial factor in making the most of their passions on the job, since most people will spend more than 85,000 hours of their lives at work
  • Details and scoring that highlights their tendency to think in a reflective manner and it’s impact on their ability to apply their passions in every aspect of life
  • An overview of the unique way that passions help them to create and utilize knowledge, which is crucial information for ongoing personal and professional growth

All of this is offered with a 45-minute Passionality Coaching session conducted by phone, Skype, or Zoom with a certified Passion Profiler™ Facilitator.

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