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Understanding Passions Can Make Love Last

  There used to be a dreaded moment every year, when I’d tear off the page of my inspirational desk calendar to reveal the month of February. Don’t get me wrong, February can be an awesome time of the year. After all, it’s when we celebrate Black History Month and when we honor two of the founding fathers of our nation on President’s Day. While that’s kind of a big deal, for years I struggled with a particular date in the middle of the month, when everyone else around me seemed excited about Valentine’s Day. They were buying gifts, exchanging sappy Hallmark cards, and preparing for an evening with that special someone —complete with dinner, flowers and chocolates — all supposedly leading to a phenomenal night of hot romance. […]

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4 Questions Every Leader Should be Able to Answer

There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of that moment when you’re first awarded an important leadership role. Having “finally arrived” you imagine yourself as the rock star taking center stage at a roaring stadium of adoring fans. You can almost hear the ear shattering cheers of the crowd as they clamor to get [...]

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4 Smart Ways to Connect to Your Passions

When that alarm goes off on Monday morning, are you excited to start your week, or are you dreading it? Chances are good that you can build more passion into your life and work by introducing four new techniques into your daily routine.   Start with Intent It’s one thing to say that you’re passionate; [...]

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